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Fast Track Driving School

Your Practical Test

The day of your practical driving test will be one of the most exciting days of your life when you will be assessed on all the hard work and preparation both your driving instructor and yourself have put in.

During your driving lessons, you will receive regular feedback on your progress and you will know when you are ready for your practical driving test. When you can regularly drive during your driving lesson without making more than a couple of errors, there is no reason why you couldn’t replicate this on your practical driving test.

If you find that you are unready or are making numerous errors during your driving lessons, then it’s likely that this will also happen on your test and this is what produces the nerves and in most cases a test fail.

My advice is to self assess yourself and be honest with your performance during lessons, listen to the advice of your driving instructor who has considerable experience in judging when you will be test ready. If all students took the advice of their driving instructor before attending the practical driving test, I estimate the driving test pass rate would probably soar to around 80% – 90%.

I wish you every success with your driving test and hopefully, your 1st driving test will be your only driving test.

Regards, Simon Mottram.

Practical Driving Test