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Simon Mottram

Covering Pembrokeshire


Hi, I’m Simon

I’m the owner and founder of Fast-Track Driving School, one of the biggest Driving Schools in West Wales.

We cover Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Cardigan and Llanelli

We also offer our unique Under17s Drivers Experience at Carew Airfield in Pembrokeshire where you can learn to drive from the age of just 14yrs of age!

I established Fast-Track Driving School in 2008 after training as Driving Instructor in 2004.

Before becoming an Instructor I served in HM Armed Forces. My time in the Army taught me the importance of "Team Work" and never giving up on what you believe is the 'impossible'.

Fast-Track is a family run Triple Award Winning Driving School which I operate alongside my wife Angela who is behind the scenes doing all the bookings, and administration and also my daughter Abbie who works on all our social media accounts

I’m very passionate about road safety and have trained 100’s of Students and also many Instructors over the years to try and ensure that our roads remain as safe as possible in Pembrokeshire and the surrounding area

My lessons are tailor made to the Students needs and very much centred around them.

I consider myself to have a totally chilled and welcoming nature and my training techniques are quite simply easy and rememberable

I mainly cover Haverfordwest and the surrounding area


Check below at just some of the lovely reviews and comments that my previous Clients have left...


Becky Warman

Highly recommend, I learnt with Simon and felt so comfortable and confident. I would not have passed my test if it wasn’t for him and his patience and time.
He gave me faith when I doubted myself. Words of encouragement and confidence.
Can’t thank him enough.

Taya-Leigh White

Amazing experience. Simon gave me confidence in myself after having some bad experiences with driving and believed in me that I would pass with his encouragement and patience. Thank you Simon for everything


Seren Luke

Highly recommend doing lessons with Fast Track! 3 months learning with Simon and I’ve passed.


Ella Pepperell

Confidently passed first time with Simon! Great company and Instructors! Thanks

Rachel Osborne

Thank you so much Simon Mottram you are a first class driving instructor !


Majeda Skidar
ABSOLUTELY the best in the game
Honestly couldn’t recommend anyone better Simon and Mike you two amazing people deserve the appreciation you get honestly can’t thank you both enough and cannot comprehend how great this business is thank you once again the best ever !!!!!!!!

Hannah Edmonds

Big thanks to Simon - highly recommended for both the off and on road lessons!!


Emily Holton

Passed first time with only one minor, thanks ever so much to Simon for getting me through!!


Alys Webb

Highly recommend ‘Fast Track Driving school pembrokeshire’ and Simon Mottram! Simon was very patient and was very encouraging which helped massively to improve my confidence! Can’t thank Simon enough for everything he has done for me!


Jenny Webb 

Thanks so much Simon for getting all 3 of the Webbs safely on the road over the last few years. You effortlessly adapt your style to suit the learner, giving them the skills and confidence to be good, safe drivers. Arrive and Drive….my new favourite line! We very much appreciate everything you have done.


Jaice Jose

Navigating the roads with Simon Mottram isn't just a driving lesson; it's a personalised and enriching experience that goes beyond the basics. Simon's outstanding patience has turned every road bump into an opportunity to learn and improve, creating an atmosphere where mistakes are not setbacks but stepping stones.
Simon paid meticulous attention to my driving habits, strengths, and areas needing improvement. This level of attentiveness allowed him to adapt lessons dynamically, making each session not only productive but tailored to empower my strengths and address specific weaknesses. This personalized touch significantly boosted my confidence as a driver.
What sets Simon apart is not only his expertise but also his caring and attentive approach. It's evident that he genuinely cared about my progress and well-being, making the learning journey about more than just acquiring driving skills. His friendliness and approachability created a positive and collaborative learning environment where asking questions or seeking clarification felt natural and free of intimidation.
Simon's adaptability extends to catering to different learning styles and needs, making the whole process feel uniquely tailored.
If you're seeking an instructor who transforms driving lessons into an enjoyable and enriching experience, Simon Mottram is the ideal choice. Thanks Si, for not only helping me obtain a license but for turning me into a confident, skilled, and safe driver. Truly the best driving instructor!


Hope Barker

Highly recommend Fast Track. Simon was really patient, explained everything so well and taught me all the skills I need to feel confident on the road. Thanks Simon


Dani Meeham

Fast track and Simon have been absolutely amazing whilst trying to get me on the road. Simon was an incredibly calm and patient instructor who made me feel confident behind the wheel. Through intensive lessons I was able to pass with 1 minor in around 2 weeks. I really cannot thank Simon enough for everything he has done!!!


Kate Nutty

I can’t thank ‘Fast-Track Driving School Pembrokeshire’ and Simon Mottram enough for helping me pass my test first time!! I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor! I highly recommend it to anyone learning or thinking of learning to drive


Ellena Richards

Amazing experience! and driving with Simon, didn’t think i would get to this day but he pushed me and he knew i could do it and i’ve passed first time with no problems. thinking my nerves would take over and they never. but massive thank you to Simon for helping me get this far, such an amazing calm instructor!! could highly recommend x


Terri Hart

I cannot recommend Fast Track highly enough!! I never thought I'd ever be able to pass my test before my lessons with Simon. I was the most nervous, scared and dramatic learner I think they must have ever had ,but Simon is patient, friendly, adaptable and a great teacher and got me to a place where I now feel confident driving after passing my test today! if you are considering lessons with Fast Track, my advice is absolutely do it!!!


Lucy Phillips

I started learning to drive with Simon after 4 different driving instructors. I didn’t ever think I would be confident to go for a test or pass as I had such bad driving anxiety and hated being behind the wheel. Simon was so calm and patient with me and made me feel so at ease when out on the road. I stopped dreading driving lessons like I had previously and began to enjoy them and relax. I don’t think I would ever have passed and be on the road if I hadn’t have found Simon. Could not recommend him enough to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much for everything Simon!


Jenna Hughes

I’ve just passed my driving test, could not thank Simon enough for how much he has dedicated his time and effort to make sure I’m safe on the road. I have had an amazing time laughing, learning and ranting. Will definitely miss the weekly lesson. thanks si much appreciated.


Alison Mattson

Thank you Simon, you were brilliant!!! Best Instructor ever! x


Lucy Ashton

Massive thank you to Simon!! So patient, friendly and helpful!


Daniella Musanganire

Passed my test first time today!! Best experience I've had with an instructor as I've had some previously! Simon made me feel very comfortable and confident in my driving. Worth EVERY penny!! If your a nervous person when it comes to tests then this is the perfect company for you. Thankyou again for believing in me! :)


Ami John

Passed first time with the best instructor. Honestly the best driving school around!


Tracey Ormond

Can’t recommend Fast track enough. My daughter started with the under 17 course at Carew and then on to lessons with Simon. He’s been fantastic with her and always put her at ease. Many thanks Simon, we wish you, your team and your learners continued success!


Hayley Harvey

I want to express my immense gratitude to Simon, who has been an incredible driving instructor. Simon's friendly and calm demeanour made each lesson enjoyable and relaxing, helping me feel at ease behind the wheel. I genuinely appreciate his patience and the way he made me feel comfortable throughout the learning process. I wholeheartedly recommend Fast Track to anyone seeking driving lessons. 5 star !


Fran Hathaway

Awesome experience for Samson - he thoroughly enjoyed all of his lessons
and got on really well with Simon. Absolutely delighted with the instruction - would thoroughly recommend Fast Track and Simon
Big fat THANKS to you (and the behind the scenes to Angela)

Katie Thomas

I couldn't recommend Fast Track enough!
I went to Fast Track as my confidence with learning how to drive was quite low, but because of Simon's impeccable professionalism and teaching skills, I was able to pass my test with flying colours.
Throughout the lessons, Simon built my confidence up with his easy approach to driving. After a few weeks, I stopped panicking when I made a mistake and dealt with it in a calm way. He was calming along with reassuring throughout.
If anyone has doubts about driving, go with Fast Track. Their friendly, calm and professional manner put my mind at ease instantly.


Rhian Clutterbuck
5* Always very relaxed, really enjoyed & would highly highly recommend Simon!
First time pass with only 2 faults! Thank you so much!

Rhys Blayney

I highly recommend Fast track, I stared off just about able to move the car forward and in 12 weeks being able to pass my driving test first time. It was an amazing experience learning with them as the instructor (Simon) was very calm when I driving and giving me clear instructions on how to improve which sped up my progress massively.


Lisa Paines

Not a lot that can be said other than Fast Track are simply fantastic. Simon has guided all 3 of our children through their driving lessons and tests, resulting in amazing first time passes all round. The patience and flexibility Simon showed was spot on and this, along with his enthusiasm and confidence in each of our kids made the whole experience enjoyable for all concerned. Thank you Simon and Angela, we will always be grateful for your involvement in helping our kids successfully reach such an important milestone in their lives x


Breanna Greggain

Simon’s an amazing instructor, made me feel calm from the start! Great experience with fast-track! Would highly recommend, best around!


Chelsey Narbett

Passed my driving test first time thanks to Simon. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without him, highly recommended for anyone looking for an instructor!


Megan Rickard

Passed first time thanks to not only Si’s teaching but his calm demeanour at all times, thank you!


Grace Hunter  

Simon helped me get a 1st time pass!! Couldn’t recommend enough !


Coral Howlin

Thank you so much Simon Mottram - great service for Arron 


Dafydd Povey

"Possibly the best driving instructor around". Simon has been an inspiration, the man bent over backwards to make himself available to me. Be it catchy phrases, references or just his general demeanour this man made me feel so comfortable it didn't feel like I was learning. what ever your confidence level I recommend Simon and his team these guys are awesome. full five stars from me. thankyou so much again.


Max Evans

Passed my test first time today, couldn’t have done it without Simons help, brilliant instructor, definitely amazing with helping to settle my nerves, would 100% recommend fast track to anyone wanting to learn to drive !


Liam Owens

I was a very nervous to start doing my lessons but thanks to Simon he gave me the confidence to pass my test first time. I highly recommend fast track to anybody looking to get on the road!


Leon John

I passed my driving test first time. Thank you Simon for teaching me everything that I now know. highly recommend!


Kylie Kinsella

Passed my test this morning with the Ledge himself Simon Mottram! Can’t thank or recommend him enough!! The difference in my driving is amazing and I’m so delighted to be on the road!!

Thank you once again Sim!


Erin Saunders

I was taught to drive by Simon who was very patient in the car with me. He throughly helped me to remain calm whilst driving, which I believe helped me get through my driving test! Simon has a great sense of humour too which makes the lessons more enjoyable. Simon has helped a couple of my family members get through their driving tests too and I can’t recommend him enough! Thank you Simon and fast-track!


Malissa Bryars

I just want to say that this driving school is one of the best. I was very nervous when I started but Si made me feel so relaxed. I will recommend them for anyone that think it is not possible trust me it is I thought I could not do this but with the support of Fast-Track I have confidence and my life has changed for the best. Thank you Si and Thank you Fast-Track


 Poppy Sharpe

Brilliant, I’ll be recommending to all my friends!
Thank you Si!!


Chloe Kinsella 

A huge thank you to the best driving instructor ever! I have no words, from not knowing how to drive to passing my test with having 4 weeks of driving is just incredible!! Would 110% recommend the fast track team!! What an amazing experience! Thank you so much Simon! 


Meg Billing

I’d like to thank Simon for being such a calm and patient instructor. Would highly recommend for anyone that’s anxious about driving as I couldn’t fault the expertise or support!


Seren Mitchell.

A huge thank you to Simon, best driving instructor ever!I am over the moon from not knowing how to drive to passing my test with having 2 weeks of driving Would recommend the fast track to anyone!! Thank you so much Simon!


Charlie James

Well, what can I say about Fast-Track? Driving with Simon over the past 8 weeks has been a phenomenal experience. From the very first lesson I was a shaky, nervous wreck and the thought of 'driving a car' seemed like a dream I would never fulfil.
'The bus doesn't cost that much, right?' I would think to myself, BUT...
With every lesson we took, my confidence grew just that little bit more. Simon always gave the best reference points for performing manoeuvres and always gave the reasons why. Towards the later stages, we did 'Destination Day', a realistic approach to driving as if it were like any other day. It worked wonders in terms of picking up road signs/markings.
By the time we got to test day (this morning actually!) I was ready. Sure, when the examiner turned up, I felt this drop in the pit of my stomach but this was good! I cared about it and I was prepared to undergo this 'rite of passage'.
I am very very very happy to say that I passed first time and it's all thanks to the sublime quality of teaching from Fast-Track and Simon himself.
I cannot praise these guys enough
Need to get on the road quick?
Fast-Track it!
'When you need me but don't want me, I will be there.
When you want me but don't need me, I will be gone.'
-Simon McPhee


Roxy Drummond

Passed my driving test first time this morning with Simon & I can't recommend him enough. As someone who's struggled on & off with driving lessons for years because of anxiety I went with Fast Track driving school on the recommendation of a friend & Simon instantly put me at ease with his calm & easy going approach & built my confidence up more & more each lesson. I went from panicking with every mistake I made to being able to calmly deal with any situation & I couldn't have done it without him. Massive thank you, see you on the road


Caitlin Morgan
Thank you so much to Fast Track for getting me through my driving test and helping me pass first time! And a massive thank you to my instructor Simon Mottram who was amazing and helped gain my confidence so that I was able to pass I couldn’t be happier!

Melissa Pollock

I would recommend Fast-Track to anyone, I went from the under 17’s programme to passing my driving test in a matter of months.

I learnt to drive with Simon Mottram and I can’t thank him enough for all of his help, he helped me gain so much confidence on the road and always made me feel comfortable.


Sharina Chesmore

Simon is very professional but has a laugh with his students, I felt at easy & comfortable, loved every lesson! He build my confidence up from nothing to everything in under 9 weeks!
I’m so glad I picked Si to be my instructor, thank you for everything you have done 
I am going to miss having driving lessons!

I would 10000% recommend FAST-TRACK DRIVING SCHOOL PEMBROKESHIRE if you need to pass your test go to fast track!!
I have been with two other instructors, but didn’t work out and I am glad I choose Simon Mottram to finally take my test !
You wouldn’t be disappointed if you choose to go with Fast Track!!


Nicola Harvey

Without a doubt an excellent driving school. A huge thank you to my instructor Simon Mottram for helping me pass my test yesterday I cannot recommend Fast-track enough.
You get what you pay for and this school is First Class.
Each lesson was confidence building & Calm. I felt at ease, also enjoyable, you actually looked forward to each lesson. After years of bad choice driving instructors I genuinely gave up until somebody recommended Fast-Track. One last time I thought and Gosh I'm so glad that I did.
To Simon and all at Fast-Track team.. Thank you x


Taylor Trueman

Would 100% recommend Fast-Track Driving School for a reliable, flexible and professional service. Simon was absolutely fantastic with me whilst I was learning to drive, was very patient and friendly. I passed my test first time with no faults thanks to this! Amazing driving school with fab instructors!


Ami John

Passed first time after learning with Simon Mottram. He’s an incredible instructor, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn with anyone else. I have major anxiety and always doubt myself, but Simon always stayed calm and positive which put me at ease straight away. His professionalism whilst still being funny and friendly made it feel like I not only had an instructor next to me but a friend which honestly helped to calm my nerves massively. I could not recommend Fast-Track enough, it’s honestly the best driving school around. A massive thank you for helping a dream come true!!


Deej Javii

Fast track driving school are absolutely amazing. My instructor was Si and I could not of asked for a better tutor!! Not only did he work wonders breaking my bad habits to get me up to a safe driving standard, he did it with only ten hours of lesson and all while catering for my lack of confidence and heightened anxiety. If your looking to pass fast and efficiently, or you suffer from anxiety and your to nervous to drive, give this guy a chance to help you. To anyone reading this because they're looking for who's best to learn with, pick fast track!!! And if you have confidence issues then definitely pick Simon!!!!!


Tim Stephens

Honestly, if you want to learn to drive use these guys. Si got me from sh*te to Jedi Knight over a 30 hour intensive course and I passed first time. Could not recommend more highly!


Roxy Drummond

Recently had my first driving lesson with Simon & as someone with driving anxiety I was so nervous, but within seconds of getting in the car Simon made me feel calm and relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. So much so that I’ve booked more and feel positive and determined that I will pass my test!


Poppy Griffiths

Thank you Simon mottram for helping me pass. Would highly recommend as he’s a brilliant instructor. He’s very patient and friendly, and is understanding when you make a mistake and helps you learn from them.


Demelza Minter

I had my lessons with Simon Motram. My birthday was in May and I passed in October, Simon was amazing he was so patient and adjusted to me. I would highly recommend to everyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you !


Mariah Smith

Had a lesson today with Simon was very nervous to start but I was made to feel comfortable and I listened and did really well by the time my lesson was over would highly recommend fast track to anyone who wants to learn.


Mezz Yorke

I had Simon as my instructor on my fast track course and I have to say the professionalism whilst still being so friendly and calm was amazing! Simon helped me build confidence in the car so quickly and having been with previous driving companies before I have to say the fast track team are second to none round here! Wish I would of taken this course a long time ago!! Si helped me through my hormonal outbursts of pregnancy keeping me constantly calm and in control and was so patient I honestly can not recommend this company enough!! Thankyou fast track!❤️


Laure Brock

had my first lesson with si today I was nervous as hell but felt as ease with him very relaxed and down to earth looking forward to my next lesson.


Matt Wood

Massive thank you to Simon the boss himself for taking me on helping me reach my goal of passing my driving test by August. 4 weeks of advance driving and passing straight away with only 1 fault in Pembroke-dock (Even though it was the dreadful satnav test)! Simon puts you at ease the moment you step in front of the wheel no rushing at all. I would recommend Fast track if you fancy a challenge! Thank you very much! 😁


Rhiannon Mason

Couldn’t be happier with the service I received from fast track driving school, my instructor (Simon Mottram) was so patient with me and helped me In Every way possible to help me achieving passing my driving test. Couldn’t reccomend them highly enough , easy and stress free learning from such a strong team of instructors. For me learning the thought of learning to drive was so daunting and stressful but my instructor gave the confidence and ability to be able to do it ! Fab service 🚘



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